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The Hawke's Bay Knowledge Bank is a living record of Hawke's Bay and its people. It combines a robust, secure and widely-compatible digital archive with a new generation of multimedia and social tools. We want to enrich our stored material with the knowledge of the community through user comments, tagging and sharing of information. Click here to find how you can contribute.


There's a wealth of fading photographs, letters, recordings and much more stashed away in old shoeboxes and family collections. Most of it doesn't belong in a museum, but it is most certainly worth keeping. Modern technologies allow us to capture and preserve this valuable community resource for future generations, on a much larger scale and at a lower cost than preserving the physical objects.


The first step is 'digitising' or capturing the information from whatever format it is in now - photographic glass plates, film, photographs, or even as memories in someone's head. We then put the electronic copy into a digital archive - a system for carefully describing and linking these historical objects, preserving as much information as we can. Finally, we invite you to browse and contribute their own knowledge in the form of user comments and tagging. This will add to the pool of relevant information about the subjects others are interested in.


Whereas every effort is made to ensure information on the website is accurate, the Knowledge Bank takes no responsibilty for the accuracy of information supplied by those people whose collections are published online.

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